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Passport, Immigration, visa and photos for state board are available at the Jimmy Haire Studio. These services DO NOT REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT. You simply pop in on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday between 9 am & 6 pm. When you arrive at the J. Haire studio, come up the stairs and within five minutes you will be on your way with the photographs in your hand. The charge is $10.00 dollars for two instant portraits. If you need a passport that does not follow the rules of the United States Government, please be sure to bring the specifications sheet with you.


Photo Session Info 

We schedule sessions seven days a week 9 am to 7 pm. When you arrive for any of these sessions please go down the stairs to the studio room.


Tips on clothing:


  • long sleeves are better than short sleeves
  • solid colors are much better than plaids/patterns/stripes
  • Dark colors are better than light colors


**There are exceptions to these rules. We have a color pamphlet which illustrates good and bad clothing choices. Please call or email us and we will be glad to mail one to you. **





A deposit of $45.00 is due when your book your appointment and this amount will be applied in full to your order and session fee. This deposit serves as a retainer to reserve the time slot for your senior session. If you should need to reschedule you will not lose your deposit, it will be applied toward the session when it takes place. The photo session fee is determined by the number of outfits and time. We offer three different sessions and each session includes a formal (drape or tux):

The Mini Session:

1 outfit & formal lasting about 30 minutes: $15.00


The Classic Session:

3 Outfits plus formal lasting about 1 hour: $30.00


The Deluxe Session:

Up to 5 outfits plus formal lasting 1 1/2 to 2 hours: $45.00


Specialty Photo Sessions for High School Seniors


Urban Photo Jam sitting $45.00:

Takes place in at least three differnt locations in downtown Sanford. May include railroad tracks, warehouses, alleys, and other urban settings. This is a 45 minute session. ***No outfit changes***


Nature Session sitting $55.00:

Takes place at the Old Gillium Mill on HWY 42 in Sanford. May include old barns, lake, wood bridge, and other nature backdrops. This session is only available in Oct. and early Nov. ***No outfit changes***


"Combo" Nature, Urban and Studio sitting $95.00:

Includes a 30 minute park session, a 30 minute urban session, and a 1 hour session at the studio with two outfit changes. It also includes 16 personalized wallets. This session consists of 3 locations and can be done all the same or broken up.




If you are graduating from college, high school, or home school and desire to have your photos made in your cap and gown, simply schedule your appointment. Bring your cap and gown, tassel, and diploma (if available). As a way of saying Congratulations to the graduate, we do not charge a photo session fee for this service.




Photo sessions at the Jimmy Haire Photo Studio are available for: infants, children, couples, adults, families, choirs, bands, gospel groups, business associates, portraits for business cards, etc. There are two levels of photo session fees:

One background and a 30 min session..........................$15.00

Two backgrounds and a 45 min session.........................$25.00


additional backgrounds will have a fee as well as multiple outfit changes. Please call for more information!






For your wedding gown portrait session, the bride should bring someone to help her with her gown, make-up for touch ups, and if you wish for the portrait to show you holding flowers that resemble the ones that you will have on your wedding day, you should bring your own bouquet. We have a few silk bouquets but these may or may not look like your wedding day bouquet. Plan on being here for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.




During the year, we offer several children specials. Some include portraits with the live bunnies, fairy in the enchanted forest, old bathtub days, fishing scene and several more. Watch our website for more information on these events and others. There is no photo session fee. When you arrive for your photo session, you pay a deposit and this deposit will apply toward whatever order you place. We will prepare several poses for you to select from and package prices begin at $15.00